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Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant but not sure where to start?  Read my blog for all my insider entrepreneur tips and resources.

What is a Virtual Assistant & Do I Need One?

A virtual assistant is one who works virtually completing tasks in their niche. A few examples include social media experts, web developers, executive assistants, and online business managers. I offer executive assistant, project management, and entry-level human...

Time Is Money

Time is money! As a busy solopreneur or small business owner, you do not have time to waste completing administrative or other tasks that take your attention and efforts from the heart of your business. Hiring me to be your virtual assistant can give you extra hours...

Hire the Virtual Assistant You NEED

Hire me to be your virtual assistant today! I will provide you with many benefits including having a more efficiently run business and more balance between work and personal life. Why a Virtual assistant instead of a full or part-time employee? You do not provide...

Get Motivated

Scroll through the famous quotes to draw inspiration and get motivated for your business! Organizing your life around the many roles you play will help you maintain balance and focus on your key relationships rather than focusing on tasks and things. -Stephen R. Covey...

Employee Development

“If you help enough other people get everything they want in life, you will get everything you want and more.” -Zig Ziglar Employee development is a method of investing in your company and employees. Mentoring and teaching others to evolve will be beneficial for you,...

I Never Wanted to Be An Entrepreneur

I never thought about being an entrepreneur. That word…never. I probably should not have said never because here I am an entrepreneur and owner/operator of Your Virtual HQ. My high school and community college students would ask why I was teaching instead of owning my...

Embrace Google Drive Compatible Applications

Google Drive’s compatible applications have been a lifesaver! As a solopreneur of a new business, I prefer spending my time keeping clients happy and finding new clients–not finding cost-saving alternatives to software I need. While I can make a list of 20+...

Complaining Without a Solution

Are you guilty of complaining without proposing a solution? Most have been there. Unfortunately, that is just whining, and well, no one wants to hear whining. So, when it comes to work and you need to complain without being a whiner try brainstorming solutions. I get...

Hire Me Today!

Why an independent contractor and not hire an employee? Do not provide benefits or pay employee taxes Do not incur high costs associated with the staffing process No onboarding or training necessary Only pay for hours worked or contracted projects Cost-effective...

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