Hire me to be your virtual assistant today! I will provide you with many benefits including having a more efficiently run business and more balance between work and personal life.

Why a Virtual assistant instead of a full or part-time employee?

  • You do not provide benefits or pay employee taxes
  • You do not incur high costs associated with the staffing process
  • Minimal or no onboarding or training necessary
  • Do you use a software program specific to your business? I will offer one hour free toward learning the program to be successful.
  • You only pay for hours worked or contracted projects
  • You do not pay for coffee breaks, inefficient use of time, etc. that employees cost you
  • I offer a cost-effective option for completing the undesirable or time-consuming tasks
  • I can help you in find new opportunities for your business

What do you need to know before hiring me to be your virtual assistant?

  • Hourly rates & project fees cover employee’s salary, company costs and taxes
  • Hours are tracked using an online tracking system and shared with client weekly
  • Hourly rates are paid upfront
  • Project fees are paid half upfront and half at completion