After leaving education for family relocations I had several roadblocks and crossroads in my professional career. After nearly three years, I decided to focus solely on human resource management services. A weekend visit from my best friend led to this book. We asked: What can we give educators to help them get excited each year? What can we offer educators? I’m a former educator (taught 7 years at the secondary level, 3 at a community college, and facilitated a federal education grant) with two masters, an MBA and a MS in Human Resource Management. My best friend is a principal and has been an administrator for nearly twenty years. We want educators to find their purpose, remembering who they are as a person and educator and why they do what they do. Educating tomorrow’s future leaders is no small feat!

We hope you enjoy this career mapping organizational binder. We enjoyed writing it and gave it a travel theme because that’s one of our loves, we work to travel. Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns!

-Jackie Oehlschlager,
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