Hiring a VA means hiring someone with expertise AND a personality match for needs. Many could be qualified for what’s needed, but not everyone works well together. There are thousands of virtual assistants available to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. Am I the right match for you? I hope so!

Who am I based on my personality and strength finder test results? What does this mean for my work and for our potential relationship?

Personality tests say I am ESFJ-T, translated to:

  • Extroverted, friendly, outgoing.

  • Grounded, hands-on, traditional, practical.

  • Caring, generous, sensitive, nurturing.

  • Loyal, organized, disciplined.

“ESFJs love to be of service, enjoying any role that allows them to participate in a meaningful way, so long as they know that they are valued and appreciated” (ESFJ Personality).


Clifton StrengthFinder Assessment outlined my top strengths as:

  1. Learner

    I am a lifelong learner looking to continuously improve.  While the outcome is the goal, the process of learning and getting to the end drives me! I will learn any program and process needed to be successful.

  2. Achiever

    I’m not sure if it was being raised by farmers/ranchers or my sports background, but being busy, productive and working hard are a way of life for me.  I do not understand laziness, riding on others’ coattails, or just getting by.

  3. Individualization

    As an educator my goal was to ensure each child is successful.  However, success is not measured the same for each child.  Individualization encourages individuals to reach their goals and potential and not worry about comparing to the success of others.  The strength of individualization drives me to assist others and do more than what is expected of me.  Wasting time is not an option.  Individualization is also one force behind volunteering as often as possible.  Why not support a great cause and help others?

  4. Relator

    Relationships are a HUGE part of my life.  Working with others and achieving goals and being social is very satisfying for me.

  5. Command

    Whether it is my enthusiasm for half-marathons, a particular book, traveling, or something else, I do my best to create enthusiasm for the idea, project, etc.  I want to make a difference and want others to do better.  Proof of accomplishment for myself and others is satisfying for me.

I have taken the personality test multiple times over the past 15 years and always came up as ESFJ and recently the -T was added to it. Life, experiences, and work can have an effect on the test results. Check yours out at 16 Personalities!

Are we a good match personality-wise? Do I offer the services and expertise you need? I hope so! And, if you’re ready for a FREE 30-minute consultation via Skype or phone call, click here and let’s get started!  If not, let me know what you’re looking for and I can try to match you with another VA who does!


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