Talent Acquisition Complete Package

  • Detailed job description
  • Determine employment classification (exempt/nonexempt)
  • Screen qualified applicants
  • Conduct behavior-based interviews
  • Present top candidates
  • Conduct reference reviews
  • Make offer with letter including terms of employment
  • Onboard new employee

Talent Acquisition Framework Package

  • Job description template
  • Guidelines for employment classification (exempt/nonexempt)
  • Resume critique guide
  • Basic Skills/Experience checklist
    (can be tailored for additional charge)
  • Potential employee checklist
  • Behavior-based interview guide
  • Reference check sheet
  • Email/Letter offer template with terms of employment
  • Onboarding guide

Talent Acquisition Al La Carte

  • Detailed job descriptions
  • Job description template
  • Disciplinary/Corrective Action Package
  • Offer letter/Terms agreement
  • Offer letter/Terms agreement Template
  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • Guidelines for determining employee classification (exempt/nonexempt)
  • HR Forms
  • Checklists, including but not limited to:
    • New Employee
    • References
    • Termination/Separation
    • Resume Critique
    • Tailored Skills/Experience

Employee Engagement Al La Carte

  • Employee Handbook
  • Trainings:
    • Constructive Feedback: Giving & Receiving
    • Conducting Behavior-Based Interviews
    • Employee Engagement
    • Employee Orientation
    • Career Mapping
    • Career Coaching

On Call HR

You may not need HR services and products on a regular basis. But, when you need HR expertise, we are on call for you!

We offer this package in 3 month increments. You can ask questions about:

  • Employee Relations
  • Training & Development
  • State & Federal HR Compliance
  • Wage & Hours laws

Do you want some but not all services offered in the packages, let’s create a tailored package for your needs!


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