Employee Development

“If you help enough other people get everything they want in life, you will get everything you want and more.” -Zig Ziglar

Employee development is a method of investing in your company and employees.  Mentoring and teaching others to evolve will be beneficial for you, your business and relationships with current employees. To begin the employee development process, find time to have a relaxed and casual conversation with your employee.  In preparation for the conversation, identify the employee’s talents and interests and connect them to her current position.

Questions to ask and discuss:

  1. What are your goals and dreams?

  2. What are your current skills?

  3. What are your weaknesses

  4. Are you interested in training courses?

  5. Do you have other ways to contribute to the business?

  6. What are your short-term goals?

  7. What are your long-term goals?

  8. Outside of work, what are your commitments, goals, and obligations?

After the Q&A session, you can continue the conversation or schedule a meeting with the employee to develop a plan that will benefit both the employee and the company.  The plan should identify:

  1. Competencies outlining hard and soft skills along with weaknesses or short-comings.

  2. Long-term goals

  3. Short-term goals

  4. Strategies to reach goals using who, what when, where, and how to be specific

  5. Specific action steps using a timeline

  6. Toolkit identifying resources needed to be successful in reaching goals

  7. Measurable outcomes with a timeline

If you need assistance or more information for successful employee
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