Google Drive’s compatible applications have been a lifesaver! As a solopreneur of a new business, I prefer spending my time keeping clients happy and finding new clients–not finding cost-saving alternatives to software I need.

While I can make a list of 20+ applications that are compatible with Google Drive, today I will only give three that can be game changers for those who want to offer professional services without paying the expensive monthly or yearly subscriptions.
Google drive is where I choose to store documents and have folders to share with clients. I have been tasked with signing a PDF, converting a PDF to a worksheet for Excel, and merging a PDF…just this week! I do not pay for an Adobe membership so I didn’t think I could provide the services requested.

Cometdocs PDF Converter, Doc Hub, and PDF Mergy are FREE!

Cometdocs PDF Converter can convert PDFs to documents, spreadsheets, images such as JPEG and GIFs, PowerPoints, text, HTML, and more! There is a downfall with this application. It only allows five free conversions each week.

Doc Hub allows you to electronically view, edit, and sign a document using a variety of options.

PDF Mergy, just as its name states, merges PDF files. Send one file instead of several PDFs to your clients.

Use Google Drive and the applications that are compatible with it. Do not waste time and money on products and software that you can get for free. If you have not been using Google Drive. Do it. Save yourself time and sanity!

Check out the Chrome Web Store for all the resources you can use!

Google Drive

Google Drive compatible applications are time and money savers. Use google drive and the applications to give your business and clients what they need.