I never thought about being an entrepreneur. That word…never. I probably should not have said never because here I am an entrepreneur and owner/operator of Your Virtual HQ. My high school and community college students would ask why I was teaching instead of owning my own business. My response—I’m not interested. I watched my grandparents and parents own their business and work so hard always thinking about their business. I wanted weekends, time away without checking in, and someone else worrying about financial forecasting and taxes. Isn’t great to have a plan? What’s even better is God’s sense of humor and thinking it’s cute I planned my own life without consulting him.

I studied business in undergraduate and graduate studies. I knew I would never (there is that word again) be content teaching secondary and post-secondary general business courses. So, I decided to get a 3rd degree, a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. My game plan was to specialize in training and development while gaining experience in all other HR functions and become an assistant HR director then “the” director.

Life happened and I left my career for my family’s move to another state, to another state, and soon to another country. What in the world was I going to do with myself? I went from a total workaholic, socializing at work, making game plans with co-workers, getting excited about college and career readiness with first generation college kids to being a housewife and stay-at-home-(step)mom. I had never been so bored, frustrated, and sad. I cried. A lot. I love my husband and step-son. I was happy we were finally all in one place, not driving three hours one way each Friday and Sunday to see one another. But, other than the running and boot camp groups I joined, I was lonely and bored. I needed a challenge.

I proposed a virtual position to my former boss before leaving my job. I loved the job and what it was accomplishing. I wanted to be a part of it. Although impressed with my proposal I put together, she said no. In November 2014, I researched starting my own virtual assistant business. I knew I had skills and could offer them to people who needed an extra hand. I just didn’t know where to get started. I purchased a book about being a virtual assistant, took notes as I read it, and pondered the thought for several months. In February after moving to another state with no friends, no running group, no boot camp, I decided to start my own business. With this move, I was only 2 blocks from the beach. And I was thinking of starting a business? What was wrong with me?The beach was nice but still cold. Then, it was nice with too many tourists. It just wasn’t cutting it.

Creative is not a word I use to describe myself. Passionate, hard worker, honest, reliable, life-long learner, caregiver, extrovert, responsible, dependable, energetic, giving, selfless and organized-yes, but not creative. So, I reached out for help. I joined virtual assistant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. I asked question after question. I had assistance naming my business and creating a logo. Then, I bought my domain and web hosting, watched many YouTube videos and read many tutorials to create my website. Finally, I was ready to share my site on the social media pages I created.

After a month into business, I cannot imagine working a 9-5 job again. I can still take care of my family, network, be challenged with work from clients, and feel happy. Happiness is key. I do not have a large client base at this time. But, I’m starting out and lucky to have a supportive spouse who is able to take care of our bills without relying on a steady check from me. This business was about my happiness and knowing I have more to offer. I want to help others. I want to give assistance to increase their productivity and growth in their business. I’m a caregiver. I truly want others to be successful. And, I have found a way to help others while ensuring my family is taken care of and not feeling neglected.